ES140108_BW-1 E. Hunter Spreen is a San Francisco Bay Area playwright and an independent theater maker. Elizabeth’s play Split the Stick was featured in Playwrights Foundation’s 37th annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival. She is currently developing The Laurette Taylor Experience, a time-based immersive game, and Dumb Puppy, a play cycle that will include three full length plays (Split the Stick, Dumb Puppy and The Keeping Room) and a series of shorter performance events. Last year, Elizabeth was one of 80 artists participating in Rubber Repertory’s Pilot Balloon Project, a pop up artist’s residency in Lawrence KS. She was also part of Factory Parts, an 8-month development and performance initiative with foolsFury Theater. She has received commissions from Crowded Fire and Shotgun Players. Work includes Dumb Puppy, The West is WonCare of Trees, 611 Supreme, This World Is Not My Home and ElectrOphelia. Elizabeth is a resident playwright at Playwright’s Foundation, a member of ACME Performance Projects and Program Director for National Playwriting Month (NAPLWRIMO). She founded and was Joint Artistic Director of Paducah Mining Company, a Bay Area theater ensemble that produced plays by contemporary American playwrights and devised work that dug deeply into issues involving race, class and gender.